Cookies That Are Fun To Make

If you’re someone who enjoys spending time in the kitchen, whipping up delicious treats, then you’re in for a delightful reading experience. In this article, we will share with you some incredible cookie recipes that are not only scrumptious but also incredibly fun to make. From classic chocolate chip cookies to colorful and creative cookie pops, get ready to indulge your sweet tooth while having a blast in the process. So grab your apron, gather your ingredients, and let’s dive into the world of cookies that are truly fun to make!



Flour is the main ingredient in most cookie recipes. It provides the structure and texture to the cookies. All-purpose flour is commonly used for cookie dough, as it has a moderate protein content that helps give the cookies a nice chewy texture.


Sugar adds sweetness to the cookies and helps them to brown when baked. Granulated sugar is the most common type used in cookie recipes. It dissolves easily in the dough and provides a consistent sweetness throughout.


Butter adds richness and flavor to the cookies. It also helps with the texture and spreadability of the dough. It is important to use softened butter for cookie recipes, as it creams easily with the sugar to create a light and fluffy texture.


Eggs are another important ingredient in cookie dough. They act as a binder, helping to hold the dough together. Eggs also add moisture and contribute to the structure and texture of the cookies.

Vanilla extract

Vanilla extract enhances the flavor of the cookies and adds a pleasant aroma. It is a staple ingredient in most cookie recipes. Pure vanilla extract is recommended for the best flavor, but imitation vanilla extract can also be used.

Baking powder

Baking powder is a leavening agent that helps the cookies to rise and become light and fluffy. It reacts with the other ingredients in the dough to create air bubbles, resulting in a soft and tender texture.


Salt may seem like a small ingredient, but it plays an important role in balancing the flavors in cookie recipes. It enhances the sweetness and brings out the other flavors in the dough.


Mixing bowls

Mixing bowls are essential for preparing cookie dough. It is helpful to have a variety of sizes to accommodate different recipes. Stainless steel or glass mixing bowls are popular choices, as they are durable and easy to clean.

Measuring cups

Accurate measurements are crucial in baking, so a set of measuring cups is a must-have. It is recommended to have both liquid and dry measuring cups for precise measurements of both wet and dry ingredients.

Electric mixer

An electric mixer makes creaming the butter and sugar much easier and faster. It can also be used to mix the dough efficiently. Stand mixers and hand mixers are both suitable options, depending on personal preference and the size of the recipe.

Baking sheets

Baking sheets are used to bake the cookies in the oven. It is important to have a sturdy and reliable baking sheet that distributes heat evenly. Non-stick baking sheets or those lined with parchment paper are ideal for preventing the cookies from sticking.

Cookie cutters

Cookie cutters are essential for making cut-out cookies and creating fun shapes and designs. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate different themes and occasions. Metal or plastic cookie cutters are commonly used.

Rolling pin

A rolling pin is needed for rolling out the dough to the desired thickness for cut-out cookies. It helps to ensure that the dough is even and consistent. Wooden or marble rolling pins are popular choices for their stability and ease of use.

Piping bag

A piping bag is useful for decorating cookies with royal icing or frosting. It allows for precise and intricate designs. Disposable or reusable piping bags can be used depending on personal preference.

Basic Cookie Dough

Creaming the butter and sugar

To make the basic cookie dough, start by creaming together softened butter and granulated sugar in a mixing bowl. Use an electric mixer on medium speed until the mixture is light and fluffy. This process incorporates air into the butter, resulting in a tender and soft texture for the cookies.

Adding eggs and vanilla extract

Next, add eggs one at a time, mixing well after each addition. This ensures that the eggs are fully incorporated into the dough. Then, add vanilla extract for flavor and mix until combined.

Mixing dry ingredients

In a separate bowl, whisk together the flour, baking powder, and salt. This step helps to evenly distribute the leavening agent and salt throughout the dough.

Incorporating the dry ingredients into the wet mixture

Gradually add the dry ingredients to the wet mixture, mixing on low speed until just combined. It is important not to overmix at this stage to avoid developing gluten, which can make the cookies tough.

Chilling the dough

Once the dough is mixed, it is often recommended to chill it in the refrigerator for a period of time. Chilling the dough helps to firm it up, making it easier to handle and reducing spread during baking. Wrap the dough in plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least an hour, or overnight for optimal results.

Decorating Techniques

Royal icing

Royal icing is a popular choice for decorating cookies, as it hardens when dry and provides a smooth and polished finish. It can be piped onto cookies using a piping bag and various tips to create intricate designs. Royal icing is typically made with powdered sugar, meringue powder, and water or lemon juice.

Colored sugar or sprinkles

Adding colored sugar or sprinkles to cookies is a simple yet effective way to enhance their appearance. Sprinkle them onto the dough before baking or use them to decorate the cookies after they have cooled. Colored sugar and sprinkles come in a wide variety of colors and shapes to suit any theme or occasion.


Frosting can be used to add a burst of flavor and color to cookies. It can be spread onto the cookies with a spatula or piped on using a piping bag. Frosting can be made from butter, powdered sugar, and various flavorings and food colorings. It can be as simple or as elaborate as you desire.

Chocolate drizzle

A chocolate drizzle is a delightful addition to cookies. Melt some chocolate chips or chocolate bars and drizzle the melted chocolate onto the cookies using a spoon or a piping bag. This adds a visually appealing touch and a delicious chocolate flavor.

Edible markers

Edible markers are a fun way to personalize cookies or create intricate designs. They can be used to draw or write on the cookies directly. Edible markers come in a variety of colors and are safe to consume.

Different Shapes and Designs

Classic round cookies

Classic round cookies are a timeless favorite. Use a cookie scoop or a spoon to portion out the dough onto a baking sheet and bake until golden brown. These cookies can be enjoyed plain or decorated with various toppings.

Cut-out cookies

Cut-out cookies are perfect for special occasions or holiday-themed cookies. Roll out the chilled dough and use cookie cutters to create desired shapes. Place the cut-out cookies on a baking sheet and bake until the edges are lightly golden. Decorate with royal icing, colored sugar, or sprinkles for a festive touch.

Thumbprint cookies

Thumbprint cookies are made by creating an indentation in the dough and filling it with a sweet filling such as jam, chocolate spread, or caramel. Use your thumb or the back of a spoon to create the indentation. Bake as directed, and the filling will set beautifully during the baking process.

Spritz cookies

Spritz cookies are made using a cookie press, which allows you to create intricate shapes and designs effortlessly. The dough is loaded into the cookie press, and then it is pressed out onto the baking sheet in various shapes. Spritz cookies can be enjoyed plain or decorated with frosting or sprinkles.

Sandwich cookies

Sandwich cookies are made by sandwiching a filling between two cookies. Common fillings include buttercream, ganache, or jam. Use a piping bag or a spoon to add the filling onto one cookie and then top it with another cookie. Press gently to secure the filling.

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Holiday-Themed Cookies

Valentine’s Day heart cookies

Heart-shaped cookies are the perfect treat to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your loved ones. Cut out the chilled dough with a heart-shaped cookie cutter, and bake as directed. Decorate with pink or red frosting and sprinkles for a festive touch.

Easter bunny cookies

Easter bunny cookies are an adorable addition to any Easter celebration. Cut out the chilled dough with a bunny-shaped cookie cutter and bake as directed. Use royal icing to add eyes, a nose, and other details to bring the bunnies to life.

Halloween pumpkin cookies

Pumpkin-shaped cookies are a must-have for Halloween. Cut out the chilled dough with a pumpkin-shaped cookie cutter and bake as directed. Use orange frosting to decorate the cookies and add a green stem for an authentic pumpkin look.

Christmas tree cookies

Christmas tree cookies are a festive treat that brings holiday cheer. Cut out the chilled dough with a Christmas tree-shaped cookie cutter and bake as directed. Decorate with green frosting and use colored sugars or sprinkles to add decorations and lights.

Hanukkah dreidel cookies

Dreidel-shaped cookies are a delightful addition to any Hanukkah celebration. Cut out the chilled dough with a dreidel-shaped cookie cutter and bake as directed. Decorate with blue frosting and use edible markers or sprinkles to add Hebrew letters or other festive designs.

Cookie Recipes for Kids

Chocolate chip cookies

Chocolate chip cookies are a classic favorite among kids and adults alike. The combination of sweet cookies and melty chocolate chips is hard to resist. Follow the basic cookie dough recipe and add chocolate chips to the dough. Bake until golden brown and indulge in deliciousness.

Peanut butter cookies

Peanut butter cookies are a nutty and delightful treat. Cream together butter, sugar, and peanut butter until fluffy. Add eggs and vanilla extract, then gradually mix in the dry ingredients. Roll the chilled dough into balls, press with a fork to create a criss-cross pattern, and bake until golden brown.

Oatmeal raisin cookies

Oatmeal raisin cookies are a wholesome and satisfying option for kids. Combine softened butter, brown sugar, eggs, and vanilla extract. Add oats, flour, baking soda, cinnamon, and salt to the wet mixture. Fold in raisins and optionally add chopped nuts. Scoop the dough onto a baking sheet and bake until lightly golden.

Sugar cookies

Sugar cookies are a versatile option that can be decorated in various ways. Follow the basic cookie dough recipe and roll out the chilled dough. Use cookie cutters to create desired shapes and bake until lightly golden. Decorate with frosting, colored sugar, or sprinkles for a festive touch.

Double chocolate cookies

For chocolate lovers, double chocolate cookies are a dream come true. Add cocoa powder and chocolate chips to the basic cookie dough recipe. The result is a rich and fudgy cookie that satisfies any chocolate craving.

Cookie Exchange Ideas

Organizing a cookie exchange

A cookie exchange is a fun way to try different cookies and share your own creations with friends and family. Start by inviting a group of people who are interested in participating. Set a date and location for the exchange and establish the rules, such as the number of cookies each person should bring. Everyone can bring a different type of cookie, and then the cookies are swapped and enjoyed by all.

Recipes for a cookie exchange

When participating in a cookie exchange, it is a good idea to have a variety of cookies to offer. Choose recipes that are easy to make in large batches and can be packaged well for gifting. Some popular choices include chocolate chip cookies, gingerbread cookies, snickerdoodles, and shortbread cookies.

Packaging and presenting cookies

Presentation is key when it comes to cookie exchanges. Consider packaging the cookies in festive bags, boxes, or tins that can be easily transported and gifted. Tie a ribbon or attach a personalized note to each package for an extra special touch. Make sure to follow proper storage guidelines to ensure the cookies stay fresh.

Celebration and Party Cookies

Birthday cake cookies

Birthday cake cookies are a fun alternative to traditional birthday cake. They capture the flavors of a classic birthday cake in a convenient cookie form. Add sprinkles or colored sugar to the dough for a festive touch. Bake until golden brown and celebrate in style.

Baby shower cookies

Baby shower cookies are a delightful way to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a baby. Use cookie cutters to create shapes such as onesies, pacifiers, or baby bottles. Decorate with pastel-colored frosting and add details such as dots or stripes for a charming effect.

Graduation cap cookies

Graduation cap cookies are a perfect treat for celebrating academic achievements. Use a square-shaped cookie cutter to create the base and a small rectangle-shaped cookie cutter for the cap. Decorate with royal icing in the graduate’s school colors and add a tassel for an authentic cap look.

Wedding favor cookies

Wedding favor cookies are a thoughtful and edible gift for wedding guests. Cut out the dough using a wedding-themed cookie cutter, such as a heart, wedding cake, or wedding dress. Decorate with white or pastel-colored frosting and add details such as pearls or lace for an elegant touch.

Retirement cookies

Retirement cookies are a sweet send-off for someone embarking on the next chapter of their life. Cut out the dough using retirement-themed cookie cutters, such as a beach chair, travel suitcase, or watch. Decorate with colorful frosting and add personalized messages or decorations to celebrate the retiree’s interests and achievements.


Cookies are not only delicious treats but also a fun and creative activity for everyone to enjoy. From basic cookie dough to various shapes and designs, there are endless possibilities to experiment with in the world of cookies. Whether you are baking for a special occasion, hosting a cookie exchange, or simply looking for a fun activity to do with kids, cookies provide endless opportunities for creativity and mouthwatering enjoyment. So gather your ingredients, grab your favorite mixing bowls, and let your imagination run wild as you embark on the delightful journey of making cookies that are sure to bring smiles to the faces of all who enjoy them. Happy baking!

This article contains affiliate links and the creator may earn a commission.

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